Friday, May 10, 2013

Talk about History!!! a TON of new articles loaded to the website!

So a dear friend of mine was as enthralled by the Manse as the rest of us and took on a project at the library's archives.  She took copies of all of the articles she found on the house and made me a beautiful scrapbook that now resides in our living room for all to see.

She was also thoughtful enough to provide PDFs of each of the articles!

I have loaded jpgs of all of the articles into a new album on the website, and the pdfs of each of the articles are available on the right rail of the home page.  They're sorted by year and cover everything from naming the park, to raffling a baby to "sunday sins" and closing of the park.   Anyone who's interested in the park should take some time and peruse the articles, they are SO cool!

The link to the website is



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update May 2013!

Hi all. Haven't posted lately but I did load photos of a few new projects!  Last year we put up a pool and redid both decks. We had the house painted and shutters installed. Finished the sunroom floor and now trying to decide how to finish the ceiling!

All is well from the top of the hill!

Check out the new album on for photos and also note the park map for white city amusement park!  So cool!!   I have a ton of new articles to post and will do that soon!!

Have a great spring and I hope everyone gets a chance to walk the park. The birds are abundant this spring!!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Winter 2010

Here's some pics from over the wintertime, holidays, etc! Enjoy!

June 2011

WOW where has the time gone?!  haven't posted recently, but we've finished the apartment so we're scheduling inspections on that then we'll get that rented. The sunroom is now empty and we're starting to work on getting that room under control.  Quotes coming in on installing the french doors in the living room, and the never ending saga of landscaping continues!

This weekend we hope to finish up the concrete repair and get the railings out by the street painted.  We're having problems still with people wandering around our house, I don't get what people are thinking.  We certainly wouldn't walk around your back yard and look in your windows, so why is it OK for you to do that to our house?  Anyhoo, here's some pics...